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Welcome to the first-of-its-kind website to inform our community about the quality of water being applied on the land for ag and conservation through re-purposing industrial by-product/produced water. You want data? You’ll find it here.

In our arid West, scarcity of water impacts us all. The revolutionary ‘Just Add Water’ Initiative introduces a new source of water to our parched land. This changes everything.

All we have to do is ‘Just Add Water.’

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Soon you can see how your land can have more water. Check back.

Read how a new source of water impacts you, your land, and your environment.

Our unique Conservation By-Design™ method cleans the by-product water, rigorously tests it, and when clean, applies it to the land, and continually monitors its quality and volume.

If you breathe air, walk on grass, or drink water, you’ll want to take a read.

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